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I love this recipe!  Have to honestly say I haven't tried all of the variations, but I've tried a few and they've been great!  Haven't tried the chocolate yet because my family has their favorite and I've been instructed not to change it!
Oooooooh!  I love that leaf, but I can't believe how much SugarVeil is asking for that mat!!!!!  I hope some other company comes up with one that's like that, but NOT that expensive!  Sigh.....guess I'll have to do without......
As usual, some very beautiful cakes on here tonight.  Cara, that cake would have driven me mad!  Kudos to you for doing such a great job.
Thank you!  Sounds so good!  Definitely gotta give this a try!
I'll be looking for it.  Thanks!
You are sooooo right!
I personally think your cake looks very nice and it's great kudos for you that they liked it so much there were no leftovers!  A job well done by you!  Thanks for sharing a good moment.
Morgan, do you share your orange ganache recipe?  Sounds delicious!   As to cheesecakes.  My husband was watching Alton Brown's Good Eats show when he was making his cheesecake.  He wanted me to get the recipe and try it.  I did...and ever since, my entire family will ONLY eat cheesecake if it's his recipe!  His says to let it sit in the turned off oven after baking for an hour, then refrigerate overnight.  It is a very, very good cheesecake that has cream cheese and...
So many cute cakes and cupcakes this week.  Everyone put on their best work for their Easter theme!
That's cute Morgan.  Turned out great!
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