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Thank you Vista. This is exactly the recipe I was looking for.
Ok, a while back -- not sure how far back -- there was a thread the mentioned a genoise recipe. I thought I printed it out, but have found only 2 pages, and it's incomplete. It was a recipe provided by someone (sorry...can't remember who!!!) who said they used it as a Valentine's Day dessert when cooking for a restaurant. They provided the whole recipe, which inclded a strawberry mousse. There's a comment on the first page that said the recipe cae from The Best of...
Those sound like reasons I hadn't purchased them myself. I just wasn't sure how it would work out. However, since my daughter-in-law bought them for me, I feel I need to use them, so will use them only when I'm baking cupcakes for here at the house. To go elsewhere, I'll use traditional liners.Thanks everyone for your comments and help.
I've never used these before, but my daughter-in-law gave me some for Christmas. Needless to say, I have questions about them. After the cupcakes/muffins are baked, I'm assuming you take them out of the silicone liner. Do the cupcakes/muffins tend to dry out once removed from the silicone liners? It seems to me that they would.Has anyone used them before and if so, what are your feelings about them?
You're probably right! That and the fact that people aren't looking for that much icing on their cakes any more.
Costumeczar, I'd like to learn Lambeth because it is a lost art. Yes, it's very old fashioned and there may not be many requests for it, but to me it seems like it takes a lot of talent to do something like that. Someone would definitely have to have excellent piping skills in order to do it. And if you improve your piping skills enough to do Lambeth, piping possibilities are endless! It's probably something I won't learn, though, because the books are out of print and...
I'd love to improve my writing on cakes, piping and buttercream roses. Then I'd like to learn how to make fondant/gumpast/modeling chocolate figurines and flowers. Actually, there's so many techniques I'd like to learn that I couldn't list them all here. I have always been intrigued by the Lambeth method. I really love that technique. It isn't done that often any more, but it's still very elegant looking.
Tomswife, looks like there are plenty of us interested in your recipe. Please post or you can PM the recipe. Thanks for being willing to share. Can't wait to try it.
Oops! Doesn't look like an agbay. Pulled it up after I posted. It looks kind of like Fat Daddio's cake leveler, but without the added padding on one end. Kind of funny that they wouldn't use their own leveler in their video.
I've got this set, but haven't tried it yet, so thanks for sharing the information. I have an unrelated question, though. Does anyone know what type of cake leveler she was using? It doesn't look like any of Wilton's that I've seen. Unfortunately, my husband says the agbay is out of the question and not in my future, so am still looking for a better leveler than the ones Wilton has put out to date. the one she was using looks very similar to the agbay (at least what...
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