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California has one in the works -- AB1616. Not finalized yet and I don't know how close it is. You can look it up on the internet and see how it's doing.
Tigachu, you are sooo right! There are so many others -- too many to mention -- that have always been so helpful. That's the great thing about CC! If not for their willingness to share, I wouldn't have learned as much as I have -- but I still have a long way to go!!!
From reading her post on her blog, it seems that it does take a lot of egg yolks. I personally have only made this cake with egg whites. If you are using a digital scale and it comes out to 6 oz with 9 yolks, I'm sure it's correct, but hopefully someone else who has tried it will let you know for sure. I'm curious, too, in case I do make this cake with yolks instead of whites.
I, too, have made this cake and it is absolutely delicious!! It is the best white cake I've tried and it's the one I use every time I make a white cake. I use it for cake and cupcakes and get wonderful results. She put a lot of time and research into this recipe and I thank her for it (in my mind, of course) each time I use it! I also follow her blog. I've learned a lot from her and scp1127 when it comes to good cake/cupcake recipes, frostings and fillings. Any time...
Happycake, you sound like me! I've done a lot of creative things in other crafts, but for some reason when it comes to cakes I can't think of a thing! I'm not as creative in that area as I'd like to be. I do look at other people's cakes, though, and get some ideas. I may copy the basic design, but I do add my own touches and color to them and make it fit what I think it should for my particular occasion. I really admire and respect those who have the talent to come up...
There's been some interesting comments made on this post, but how did we get from separating eggs to chopping garlic?? We definitely share all kinds of info and gadgets! I'm still waiting for scf1127's egg chart. I've been looking for one on eggs, too, but haven't found anything substantial, so am wondering about this one same as bobwonderbuns (love that name!). Besides, she always has such interesting and well researched info available that she shares with us, I'm...
I use to use the shell method, but too many times the yolk would hit the side of the shell and break, so I do as several others said -- I break the egg into my hand and separate it that way. It works really well and I definitely keep the yolks and whites separate. I've also tried some of the gadgets from Pampered Chef and Tupperware, but prefer the hand method the best.
I use Satin Ice Buttercream Fondant. It has a better taste than the regular Satin Ice. I've never liked Wilton, but haven't tried mixing it in with another brand. I've also tried Duff's red, but it seems to take forever for it to dry and never fully does.
I've used the red, and the only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't dry well. I've had it sit for weeks after cutting out shapes and it would still be pliable. It can sit out for weeks and not dry like other fondant, but it does retain the red color much better than other fondants.
SCP1127---what is German BC? How is it different for similar to the others?
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