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That's an interesting idea, Jules, but the only problem with a paper towel roll is you can't see what's inside. I like to see what choices I have without taking them all out. I was hoping there was a small, plastic tube-like container that could be used (similar to the tennis ball container). I'm still going to keep looking, but if nothing else, that is a good idea. Thanks for sharing!
I searched for this subject and couldn't seem to find it, so thought I'd check here to see if anyone can share what they store their mini cupcake/muffin wrappers/liners in. I've read about using tennis ball containers for regular-sized cupcake liners, but what do you use for the minis? I've got them in a drawer right now but they go all over the place. I'd like to find something to store them in like I do the regular size ones. Anyone got any ideas?
You can look on youtube. There are a few tutorials there that are pretty good. Just google gumpaste poinsettia tutorial on'll give you a few to choose from.
I don't mind the new format so much. It is taking some getting use to, though. I really miss the most current topics on the front page just like most of the CC members, and for some reason today...I can't make a picture my favorite. Seems like the button on the top of the individual photos has been removed. There were lots of problems with the old system so I definitely understand them wanting to make improvements, but with improvements/changes, there is a period of...
Hi. I'm not a pro baker, but I've used lemon curd filling in my cupcakes before and didn't refrigerate them after being filled. No one has gotten sick, and they still tasted fine. Since you're just talking about overnight, I don't think it's going to hurt anything. I'm sure if I'm wrong, someone will let us know, but as I said I've done it before without problems.
When I took my first Wilton class - Decorating Basics - my instructor made a batch of buttercream right there in the class and showed us how to make it thinner and thicker to meet whatever consistency we needed for what we were doing. It was really nice to be able to see it and have a better idea of what we were supposed to be striving for in consistency. The other thing she did -- because several of us had never used fondant before -- was bring in small samples of...
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I, too, would like to say thank you to all who have been so very helpful and sharing on this site. I learn more each time I get on this site and have received some wonderful recipes. It's wonderful to find a site like this who has people who are so willing to share their expertise, techniques and wonderful recipes. It makes cake decorating so much more fun!Enjoy your day!!!
Welcome! There are a lot of really talented people on this site who are willing to help by sharing information, recipes and techniques. You'll learn a lot from these people. I've only been decorating cakes for a year now and am a hobby baker who still has a lot to learn, and the sharing on this site is really worth it's weight in gold! Hope to see you here often.
I, too, love the new size of the pics. It was SOOOO hard to see them before. I know my eyes are bad, but those were pretty small. Hope the keep it this size!!
So what are some of the good reasons to invest in this book? I'm a cookbook/recipe fanatic and am curious.....
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