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Thanks, Gingerlocks.
Ok, I'm a hobby baker and don't know all the acronyms.....what is GST?  I'm just curious because it makes it easier to follow conversations when you understand what's being talking about.
I use FromScratchSF's white cake recipe for cupcakes as well as cake.  Works very well and tastes wonderful.
Startingout, for being self taught, you did an absolutely beautiful job on those cakes, especially the middle one.  That is very detailed and well done.  All of them are well done!  
I love that first cake!  So beautiful!  That's my style of cake......  Did you paint those flowers on?  And the second one made me hungry for cherry pie!  Great job on both!
LOL!  You are too funny!
MBalaska, if you don't stop tempting me with new books, my husband is going to get very mad at you!
Ok, the stemtex is the kind I use and I do stretch it, but sometimes it doesn't stick tight.  And sometimes I stretch it too much and it tears!  It's hard to get the exact amount of stretch in there at times so that's why I keep practicing.  I've never used nor seen the plastic tape.  Thanks for the info.   Cakebaby, I do it that way, too, when I'm wrapping my own wires, but I'm talking about ones that were purchased already wrapped.  I think I got them at either...
Mimi, is stemtex and parfilm brand names?  I've always used what was in Michael's or a local cake supplier here in town.  Have ordered some online, but don't know the name brands of those either.  I try to pull it as hard as I can without breaking it to get it to wrap around the wire, but sometimes it comes unwound.  And some of the pre-wrapped wires, when trying to put on a calex (spelled wrong, I'm sure!), for example, it will take the tape up the wire with it, causing a...
annaelisabeth...those are both adorable.  Great job!
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