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I did the same thing.  I had copied her recipe when it was free on the internet, and because I liked the recipe and used it so much, I also purchased it to support her and thank her for her generosity in sharing it.  It takes a lot of time to continually test a recipe and make sure it works properly.  I don't have the patience or know-how to do that, so greatly appreciate those who do so and then share it with others.  I've received many, many compliments on her recipes.
KLCcrafts....I only use King Arthur unbleached all purpose flour and I've never tweaked the recipe.  I haven't had a problem with it at all.  Or maybe I just haven't noticed any difference in the crumb.  I love the cake as presented and haven't made any changes -other than flavorings - to it at all.  I also use King Arthur's brand of cake flour.  It's interesting to hear what people do with certain recipes.  But Jen's recipe is my favorite and the one I always use.
You can't go wrong with From ScratchSF's recipe.  I've had the recipe since she put it online free, but I also purchased it when it came up for sale because I wanted to support an American small business owner and I definitely feel the $30 was well worth spending for the variations she also supplies.  My whole family loves her recipes!!
Thanks, Gingerlocks.
Ok, I'm a hobby baker and don't know all the acronyms.....what is GST?  I'm just curious because it makes it easier to follow conversations when you understand what's being talking about.
I use FromScratchSF's white cake recipe for cupcakes as well as cake.  Works very well and tastes wonderful.
Startingout, for being self taught, you did an absolutely beautiful job on those cakes, especially the middle one.  That is very detailed and well done.  All of them are well done!  
I love that first cake!  So beautiful!  That's my style of cake......  Did you paint those flowers on?  And the second one made me hungry for cherry pie!  Great job on both!
LOL!  You are too funny!
MBalaska, if you don't stop tempting me with new books, my husband is going to get very mad at you!
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