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LOL!  You are too funny!
MBalaska, if you don't stop tempting me with new books, my husband is going to get very mad at you!
Ok, the stemtex is the kind I use and I do stretch it, but sometimes it doesn't stick tight.  And sometimes I stretch it too much and it tears!  It's hard to get the exact amount of stretch in there at times so that's why I keep practicing.  I've never used nor seen the plastic tape.  Thanks for the info.   Cakebaby, I do it that way, too, when I'm wrapping my own wires, but I'm talking about ones that were purchased already wrapped.  I think I got them at either...
Mimi, is stemtex and parfilm brand names?  I've always used what was in Michael's or a local cake supplier here in town.  Have ordered some online, but don't know the name brands of those either.  I try to pull it as hard as I can without breaking it to get it to wrap around the wire, but sometimes it comes unwound.  And some of the pre-wrapped wires, when trying to put on a calex (spelled wrong, I'm sure!), for example, it will take the tape up the wire with it, causing a...
annaelisabeth...those are both adorable.  Great job!
Cazza and Cat, I think I have you beat on being the worst at wiring flowers!  I don't know what I do wrong, but they always end up starting to unravel at the bottom of the wire.  I just finished doing a cake for my niece's bridal shower that I'll be going to in a few minutes.  I was suprised that the little "spray" I think it's called turned out pretty good.  I still have to figure out how to download pics.  The cake didn't work out like I wanted it to, but I think she'll...
Have you read through the "Everything You Wanted to Know About Buttercream" thread on this site?  It's an old thread, long, but has a lot of really good information on it.  It'll take a lot of reading, but may prove to be worth your time.
I see some very pretty cakes up again this week.  Great job everyone!  Cara, it may not be your favorite, but as long as the customer is happy...  I think it's cute.
Can't beat the original recipe on the back of Baker's Chocolate.  The best in the world!
Ok MB, I have to ask....what does the CIA stand for?  This sounds like a really good book I'd love to get my hands on!  Want to make sure I order the right one.
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