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I have on several occasions thought of subscribing to their magazine, but after reading so many of these types of threads regarding the lack of customer service and the lack of receiving the magazine when you're supposed to, I don't want to waste my money.  Like the site, but don't want to even try their magazine!
I would like to obtain the recipe too, Frankyola....please!
I'm sure glad I came to this thread!  I've been looking for a cover for my Cuisinart mixer, too, and it's the 7 qt model.  Now I know where to get one.  Thanks for posting the question mollineau, and thanks for the response shanter!
I'm trying to put together a Christmas list for my family and one of the items I want to purchase for rolling out fondant/gumpaste is a pasta roller.  The ones that attach to a Kitchen Aid mixer are too expensive for my kids to buy for me, so I wanted to get a hand crank one.  But......I don't know which one would be best.  I'd like to keep the cost below $60 if possible.  What are some of your recommendations?  And thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
Cat, sorry to hear you won't be making cakes as a business any more.  You will be missed, I'm sure.  You've made some gorgeous cakes and have great talent, but you have to do what is best for you, your family, and your health.  Wish you all the best in whatever you do.  Are you still going to be hosting the Friday Night Cake Club?  At least that way we can still keep up on what is happening in your life as well as these lovely cakes.
Yortma, thank you very much for sharing that caramel recipe.  Can't wait to try it!
Yortma, that sounds delicious.  Wanna share the recipe, please?
Yum!  That sounds really good to me! oldest son would love to have bacon on EVERYTHING!  He is a bacon fanatic!  But I must seriously try this recipe.  It sounds wonderful.  I'll try it without the bacon for the rest of the family, then with the bacon for my oldest son.  He will actually get it both ways and can decide which is his favorite.  Thanks so much for sharing this MBalaska.
Thank you for sharing this information.  I've always liked the looks of the birch bark trees.  I was wondering, however, if there is a method to do a birch bark with buttercream?  My future daughter-in-law doesn't like fondant and has asked for one of the layers of their wedding cake to have the birch bark look, but in buttercream.  They aren't getting married until next June, but I want to start practicing the technique so I have it down pat by the time I actually need to...
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