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cazza the mince pies I had were made with suet and were awful!  It could have just been the recipe my mom used, but you wouldn't catch me eating it after that first taste and I haven't had one since.  Just the name turned me off to them after that.  I don't think I've ever tasted a fruit one, but don't know if I want to try.  I don't remember the ingredients my mom put in her mince pie so don't know if I've  tried a beef one either, it might be something I'd attempt if I...
Mincemeat pie.....yuck!!  That stuff is so gross!
cazza, thanks for sharing.  Is the rum a half cup?  And under the instructions, when it comes out of the oven....what do you brush a couple of tablespoons of over the top?  Is that rum?   And my ignorance is showing through here, but what are sultanas?  Are those bananas?
Ahhh, there's the pic!  Very nice!  Love the exploded rose!
sweettooth101....I saw you recipe further up on the thread and you say to bake the chiffon cake at 350, but for how long?  30 minutes? 45?  I'd love to try a chiffon cake, but haven't ever made one before so don't know how long to bake it.
Beautiful display!  Stand really sets it all off.
I have on several occasions thought of subscribing to their magazine, but after reading so many of these types of threads regarding the lack of customer service and the lack of receiving the magazine when you're supposed to, I don't want to waste my money.  Like the site, but don't want to even try their magazine!
I would like to obtain the recipe too, Frankyola....please!
I'm sure glad I came to this thread!  I've been looking for a cover for my Cuisinart mixer, too, and it's the 7 qt model.  Now I know where to get one.  Thanks for posting the question mollineau, and thanks for the response shanter!
I'm trying to put together a Christmas list for my family and one of the items I want to purchase for rolling out fondant/gumpaste is a pasta roller.  The ones that attach to a Kitchen Aid mixer are too expensive for my kids to buy for me, so I wanted to get a hand crank one.  But......I don't know which one would be best.  I'd like to keep the cost below $60 if possible.  What are some of your recommendations?  And thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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