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I've never made a chiffon cake yet.  I've always wondered about them and have toyed with baking one, but haven't done it yet.  I just might have to try your recipe soon.  I'll be baking my youngest son's wedding cake in June and have been trying to decide which cake to make.  I'll be doing a tasting next month for them.  Maybe I'll throw in a chiffon just to see how they feel about that type of cake.  They still have to decide if they want a tiered cake or cupcakes.  They...
lol.  I can see your daughter's confusion.  I was just thinking that putting cling wrap on a hot pan would melt it, making quite a mess.
Ok, I have a really dumb question to ask.....when you say to place cling wrap on the hot pan across the center of the cake leaving the sides open, are you talking about "plastic" wrap? 
Well, unfortunately the cutter you purchase that's labeled "Turkish tulip" doesn't look anything like the Turkish tulips you find on Turkish materials or patterns, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.  The cutter itself doesn't look any different than the parrot or French tulip, so I'll be looking to see what I can do to make them actually look more Turkish!
You did a great job!  I haven't tried ranunculus yet.  I'm going to be working on Turkish tulips really soon because I need to make them for my son's wedding cake in June.
Wow.  That looks beautiful!  Great job.  Definitely makes me want to give it a try.
Merry Christmas to you, too, MBalaska!  Merry Christmas to all Cake Central members!
Aileen I love everything you did, but especially the black and white wedding cakes.  Those are totally gorgeous!  Autumnwind, your cake is beautiful, too.  Actually, in looking at all the cakes posted thus far, can't find any fault with any of them.  They are all beautifully done.  Great job everyone, and congrats to Jack on the black belt!
That sounds good.  Will have to give it a try.  And I cook with lard periodically, so will have no problem using it.  Thanks for sharing!
Ok....where is this recipe for banana pudding cake?  That sounds soooo good!  I love banana pudding -- it's always been my favorite along with tapioca pudding.  I'd really like to try this cake.  Sounds delicious!!
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