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Couple ideas.....#1: use a football pan with a cupcake or cakeball in the center as the pearl....if it just needs to be oyster 'themed' you could use a mini/medium sized egg pan to make it and place it on a sheet cake#2: It would be a fairly round cake, but you could use the sportsball pan?? With lots of dowel rod support.I'm not familiar with it, but you could probably do some sort of sugar mold and set it on top of sheet cake? Can anyone brainstorm off that idea??? ...
I did a nemo cake and added a TINY bit of copper coloring to get the deep orange...seemed to work fine
Hi all!I've been commissioned to make a small scale wedding cake to celebrate my hubby's grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. They've given me their wedding topper from 60 years ago!!!!! The bottom of it is almost falling apart and I'm concerned about protecting it. I thought about plastic wrap, but I don't know how to do that without it showing??? Suggestions welcome!!!!
I was thinking you could use a size 12 tip, swirl it on the top, then use a small spatula to smooth it and scrape the sides BTW ---- I use about 1/3 c batter in my cupcakes and they usually rise to the top of the liner
Jackie,I'd love to know where you learned to have such awesome people skills! You really do an awesome job of maintaining excellent standards in all areas of CC. What a visionary you are! Thanks for being you!
Don't feel bad....I did that a couple weeks ago....but it was my 2nd cake and I had actually turned the oven off!
prayers prayers're all in our prayers --- at this stage in the game I don't know what else to offer. If anybody wants to go on a road trip to KY...just let me know
How funny! Awesome that you still got the cake done in time!!!! much trouble did he get in? It's times like these that I'm not quite so upset that my husband doesn't want pets!
Dannie --- that's a way cute should do it regardless of how people's voting criteria....that's an awesome idea! I hope we get to see Grimace soon ---- just no Barney ! (lol)
I vote according to how much work and thought was put into the cake....but I make it a point to try to vote for everybody, because I remember veejax mentioning that everyone puts hard work into it and should at least be voted on.....Question for do you feel about reposting to enter the contest? Or should it be a new idea you come up with?
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