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Could anyone recommend how to make a deep deep almost blackish red buttercream?Thanks in advance
What is best to look for in a starter airbrush? They all look the same and vary in price. I know its an investment Just want to make sure what to look for? Any favorites?? user friendly ones you could reccomend? amerimist colors are the best ones??Thanks in advance ))
I am going to try this with cheetah print. Any tips for getting the perfect cheetah print with it so it looks even? is their a type of stencil of sorts??? Also so I use the gel colors mixed with vodka??
Any tips on how to color icing that batman midnight blue color? Its navy-ish? But brighter? Please help I'm afraid I will make it a blackish mess....
People are so funny! Why to they always like to blame something?? If you bought a dress for $100 and got it caught and tore a hole in it on the way to a party would you email the designer and say the material should be more sturdy? I think not!I would just say once they take ownership of the cake its out of your hands literally. And that cakes are very delicate and require care upon a delivery while driving and in the future a delivery to venue may be best.
Thank you I will try and find it..I justhave to figure out what its under
How do you get the poured look on a beer can cake? How do they get it to stand mid air? And do the use a real beer can?
Sometimes I feel like I have such a "cake block" and let me tell you this story to explain.This week I have a cake for my sisters 30th bday. They are throwing her and her friend "Joe" a party. My sister sent me and email with ideas...I like frogs, music notes, and peeps Joe likes guitars and carsNow Im a not a sculpture or great cake carver. what am I supposed to do with that??? why cant it just be simple??any ideas?? lol
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