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Thanks! I will give it a try
Hi fellow cake decorators!  I need some help,   I need to make a dark but bright blue butter cream  (Not a navy blue) a true blue color.  In the past when I try its kinda like making red I add the blue to the white BC and get a sky blue or light blue any suggestions on how to get it a good blue color?  Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
Any advice would be great. Doing a corset cake this weekend and not sure if I should carve from a sheet cake or use a heart pan with another pan? for bottom. If carved does anyone have a good template for this? Thanks in advance for any help! I'm stuck on this one.
Thanks so much carmijok, icer101 and jenscreativity. I will defiantly try your recipe carmijok. I feel better about it.
Sorry I seem to always need help. I'm doing 100 cupcakes in 3 flavors for a wedding all cover with BC and very simply decorated. Also 1 ten inch round 3 layer wedding cake with fondant flowers (kinda like peony's) and also BC with small dots all over it. Also pretty simple. I was thinking of charging $300.00. Is that too much? I tried to add supplies, packaging, and oven and it came to approximately $130 -$150. She wants a price tonight so any help would be great.
I have to make a red velvet with cream cheese frosting cake for Friday evening. This is no problem as I do them all the time. My problem is she want's a 2 tier. 8 inch with 6 inch on top. My cream cheese frosting is pretty gooey. When I keep in the fridge sides are OK but when its removed even for a short time side start to run down. I know this is the cream cheese. Just worried about doing it 2 tiers and having it look sloppy. Any advice would be VERY much...
Hi, just wondering if the cake board that separates and supports the cake are suppose to be covered? (For example between a 9 and 6 the 6 has a 6 inch board under it) I have been buying the Wilton cake boards that are cute to size and placing cake right on the board then stacking cake. I recently saw a video were the board was cover top and bottom with wax paper. Should I be doing this?
Maybe I'll give it another try. I'll just use on my cakes not a cake for someone else until I get the hang of it. Thanks
kakeladi I put in the fridge because it had strawberry preserves in the center and it was a 6 inch and I did use the Wilton icing tip. Maybe I lofted it off the cake at some point. I don't know. Might not use that tip again. since tyhen i have done several with out and have not had a problem. Thanks
icer 101 thats exactly what happened. I wonder why?
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