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hi, i recently done my 1st wedding cake which included one 12" cake and 150 cupcakes. i made my cupcakes in advance and froze them hot dreatly they came out the oven. when i done a cupcake test out of a fresh cupcake, a cooked then cooled then froze and a hot one froze the hot one froze toped them all. i done all my buttercream the night before and used boxs to transport them.i found some heavy duty cardboard ones that held 24 in a box wih inserts to stop them touching or...
Do you know if there are any hand mixers. With metal gears?
Hi thank you for your reply, I have a stand mixer its a ken wood chef but when my last hand mixer broke I used my stand mixer and the cake didn't seem to get enuff air in it as it didn't rise as much as the first.
Hi, I'm looking for people's advise on what's a good hand mixer to go for. I've broke so many in the past doing simple cake and buttercream mixs and and Christmas my partner brought me a expensive Lakeland mixer and on my second cake it broke and the motor stopped so I desired to get a replacement one the same and again on about my 4th cake mix with it it's broke again so I'm wondering if any one knows what I could be doing wrong or have any recomendations for a good hand...
Thanks for your help, I've heard of tempering chocolate but not quite sure how to. Don't you have to heat it up and let it cool serveral times? I defiantly want the chocolate to be nice and hard and have a nice snap to it. Do you think a little spoon full of buttercream on top of my sponge would work before I place the chocolate on or would this melt as I put the chocolate on?
Hi, I'm looking at making a plain sponge cake and then using a heart cutter to cut the shapes out. I then want to cover them in hard chocolate. How easy is this and can I just melt normal chocolate and pour it over? Any help would be brilliant. Thanks
Thankyou all for your comments, i have ordered and styrofoam half ball to have a go with and all my flower paste so should be hear this week then i can have a go and see what it looks like. The flowers i will be hand making from flowerpaste and the feathers would be artifishul white ones on wires. Not sure what it will look like but il have a play and try some different things to see what i come up with.I wasnt sure for the final thing tho wether the dome should be made...
yes i would be doing it out of gumpaste or flower paste.That picture is perfect, iv been looking at the exact same picture and printed that one of to show her.i would like to use white feathers in the gaps those between the roses see what that looks like.have no idear where to start with it tho
Im making a wedding cake for a friend and she has a 7 tier cupcake stand and on the top tier i would like to do a rose dome cake topper but have no idear where to start with it.I was wondering if any one could help me with step by step or just any tips that i could use.Any help would be great thanks
Once i have covered my cakes i store them in there cake box somewhere cold, because they have been covered all round the air shoulnt beable to get to the cake so it should stay fresh. Make sure the cake dosnt get warm as the icing will start to get sticky.Hope this helps
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