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Yes, Thank you!! I will see how many I lose to this and if I need to I will take them out and put them in a new wrapper. I don't know why I didn't think of this!! lol 
Another thought.. it is raining here today. Could it be the humidity? I am in Utah and usually it's very VERY dry here.
I am making mini cupcakes and as they are cooling off some of the wrappers are starting to "fall off" or "peel off" around the cupcakes. This has happened one other time before, but I never figured out what I did. Is my cake too moist? I did put some pudding in the mix. Or should I let them cool longer in the pan?? Please help
Thank you!
I've never used dragees before, but I want some that are about the size in this pic  Are they 8mm? They seem like they are bigger, but I can't find any bigger then 8mm. Thanks!
When I started making my own mmf I only used powdered sugar, mm and water. Now I have a different recipe that adds karo syrup, lemon juice, and vanilla. The karo syrup is suppose to make it easier to work with.. it seems to be better. And I always make it at least a day ahead of time and let it rest.
I agree! It's worth at least that... she would not find anyone else to do it cheaper!
I have heard that starting with a pink base works well... so I'll try it out and hopefully get the color I'm looking for. Thank you everyone!!
I am making a fire truck cake and I want a really red fondant.. not pink. Any tips?
I made my first pound cake the other day and it was really good, but I am wanting to do something a bit lighter this time. I LOVED working with the pound cake. It was very easy to shape and I am all about the decorating. I am wondering if there is something I can add to a store bought cake mix to make it easier to shape and work with?
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