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Today I ran into the same issue for a second time. I'm beginning to think it's because of the humidity in my area as when I began making it, it was fine....but after the whipping stage, it started to become gritty. I didn't have any cream in the house, so I used hot water, just a tad, and whipped it up.....perfect! Cake Central members to the rescue!!! thank you!
Welcome SweetPea....I am from MA and I have contacted the board of health in my town and she said there wouldn't be any issues with baking out of my home--the issue I am having is insurance. I spoke with another CC member and she told me that I would have to get a full service insurance agent. When I spoke to my home owners insurance, she told me that I could not separate my home from business without creating an LLC. I have done some homework and the cost for LLC and...
I'm sorry the picture didn't come through, but I did post one under my pictures for you.......
I have made angel food cupcakes from a box and used standard size muffin tins. I filled them 3/4 full and they had a nice dome while baking in the oven, but once out of the oven, the dome came down and I had a flat cupcake. I also noticed the cupcake themselves shrunk in size, they were not the same size they were in the pan. Angel food cake is funny. I had an order for a friend, and I ended up giving her all the extra's because the cupcakes did not look like a standard...
I'm always nervous about using plastic/silicone whether it be in the oven or microwave, but that is just my personal opinion.
I forgot that I used my daisy cake as my profile picture...... It's been a long day!
I made my own picket fence as well---I cut it free hand and glued it together, then I used some toothpicks pushed it through the posts to hold it up on the cake. I don't know how to attach a link to my pictures, but if you look at my pictures you will see my daisy cake.
wooohoooo I am so happy for you pmarks0...I'm glad that everything turned out well!!!! I'm sure this will become a favorite!!!
pmarks0Oh yes---the whole oreo----YUMMMMMY!!!! I like to put a little batter in the bottom then put the oreo then put the remaining batter so that the cookie is not on the bottom---not sure why---personal preference I guess.
I didn't know that about the LLC, and after reading this, I'm not sure the tax lady knows either. I'm going to have to some more research on this..... thank you again so much!
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