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Does anyone have an amazing cherry or cherry chocolate chip scratch cake/cupcake recipe?Thanks All
Thank you for getting back to me. I've heard that I don't have to have a HST# if I won't be making over a certain amount of money? What happens once I do all of the above? If I'm baking from a commercial kitchen do I need to notify the gov. or something? Or be inspected? Can I just start baking?
Hey guys, I need info about starting up my own very small cake/cupcake business in Toronto. I'm not really sure where to start other than I have found a commercial kitchen from where I can bake from. Has anyone already been through the start up process and can give me some much needed good advice, or even the rules about baking from a commercial kitchen or even a home kitchen and selling to clients? I guess what I'm looking for is info on the step by step process so I...
Has anyone cooked down guinness to a syrup to boost the flavor before adding to a chocolate cake?
Has anyone made a stout or guiness cake before? I'm wondering if it makes any difference at all if the stout is flat or not?
What frosting goes well with orange dreamsicle? How about a filling to go with that?
thank you so much for the link there was like 300 + pages to go through! Love you guys.
Does anyone have the root beer float recipe?
thanks everyone
Does anyone know if I can turn my go to chocolate cake recipe into a root beer cupcake by adding rootbeer extract and root beer soda?
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