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Thanks for keeping us up to date on the latest!
I recently made a maroon color by adding violet and a little bit of rose to my red mmf, and it worked great! You can check it out on my Nike Air Jordan cake. To get a darker maroon you just add more violet. HTH
Here is a pic of a dog themed cake I made:
Woooohoooo!!!! Thank Goodness! This is such great news!
I have been so nervous about making my first wedding cake. The design was chosen by the bride. Please let me know what you think. I am thinking it will need a ribbon around the board, before delivery. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!!
MacsMom is my HERO!!!
My birthday is coming up and I am going to ask my DH for an airbrush machine, but don't know what to get. What do you all suggest?
My guess is their constant adaptation to customer's needs and wants. i.e. toys from the latest kid's movies, trendy coffee drinks, "healthy" salads during the Atkins diet craze etc. They continually adapt to what is going on around them, just like we as decorators must do to stay competitive and current.
Here is the link on how to make the exact vase of cupcakes from the picture you posted have only used standard sized cupcakes so far, but I want to try minis for my next one. There are 2 bouquets also featured in the Marine Corps cake photo. I love making them and they would make a beautiful hostess gift!! Good luck and have fun! My tip to you from my own experience is to make sure that your cupcakes are flat...
I have cupcake bouquets in my photos that I have made using KHalstead's tutorial, it is the BEST!! They are extremely sturdy when using the cup method. I found the small cups at Party City and the 5 oz cups at WalMart. The cups are cheap, and you get a ton of them!! They are fun to make!!
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