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I want to make my fondant cupcake toppers ahead of time. What is the best way to store them so they don't get hard? Any suggestions are appreciated.
That is what I was looking for. Thank you so much for your help.
How would I go about creating a tote bag cake that is standing up? I have made a make up bag before and i used round cakes stuck together with the bottoms cut flat. Do I stack sheet cake and carve the shape of the bag? Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks
How far in advance can you make fondant toppers? Also, how would you store them?Thanks
I appreciate all your help. The stores by me never have the strawberry display refridgerated I guess thats why I didn't think anything about it.Thanks again
If I ice and decorate a cake on Friday night and put fresh strawberries in the middle of layers for a Sat afternoon party I need to refrigerate the decorated cake overnight instead of storing in the cake box to be transported? Even though strawberries sit out and the grocery store? Thanks againKenley
I don't want the cakes to get hard. If i wrap them tightly the night before i crumb coat and cover in fondant the cakes should stay soft and moist right? I may fill the cake with fresh strawberries but I don't think that needs to be refrigerated right? Thanks for your help.
Thanks. Yes, I will be covering it in fondant but not until Friday night after that I will put in the cake box for the party on sat. I won't fill or ice the cake Thursday night just bake the cake. Do you find it easier to crumb coat and fondant if the cake is refrigerated the night before?Thanks again for your help.
If I bake a cake on Thursday to be decorated Friday night for a party on Sat do I need to refrigerate the cake? Or can I just wrap it in plastic wrap and leave it on the counter? Also, if I make fondant cake toppers ahead of time how should they be stored? Thanks
Does anyone have a recommended baking temp and time for baking cupcakes? I find that mine are usually dry on the bottom. Thanks
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