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The book I have says "General humid weather does not affect finished pieces; however, gelatin should not be placed in refrigerators or freezers."
Though it's difficult to see the seams, I suspect those are separate segments -- cut and applied very carefully and accurately -- rather than single, continuous zig-zag strips.   You could use some type of ribbon cutter so all the strips are exactly the same width, then cut even length sections with angled ends. A quilter's ruler would be helpful to cut the angles. Take care to make sure the fondant doesn't stretch when you apply it to the cake, and make sure the...
You can use a tapered spatula to make a texture like that. Just hold the tip at a slight angle while you turn the cake on the turntable. There's a nice tutorial on MyCakeSchool if you have a subscription. This is the type of tool:
Use petal cutters for the petals, and a brooch mold to make the centers.
Check out Make Your Own Molds:   You should be able to find the info and materials your need there. And if you have questions, Dominic is extremely helpful!
You could try the Caddy Wampus stand.
A lot of people like the Silhouette (and I believe there are some others, but I'm drawing a blank on what they're called) better than Cricut because you can use third party software with them. Provocraft sued the software companies so you can't use programs like Make the Cut and Sure Cuts a Lot with the Cricut. being said, I have a Cricut and have good success cutting fondant, gum paste and icing sheets with it....
I think this is a good first attempt. I've seen lots of zebra stripes that really didn't look like zebra stripes, so you definitely should not be discouraged. It's great you've come here to ask for comments! That's how we learn!I've done a couple of buttercream zebra stripe cakes. Here are links: main goal was to make them look like real zebra stripes. I...
Reminds me of this cake that was posted recently. Not sure what kind of father orders a cake like this for his kid!
Try this recipe. Kids love it.
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