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Thanks guys. brincess_b, when you say mix with alcohol, do I just mix to a paste? And can I use any alcohol? x
I need to make a beer can cake which features a gold metallic end where the ring pull sits. Can anyone advise on the best way to colour fondant metallic gold because I've tried using edible liquid colour before and it wasn't a good effect.Any advice would be greatly appreciated - Thanks!
Can anyone tell me where in the UK I can purchase a 3 in a row diamond marker for creating an even quilting effect? I can find them on US based websites but not on UK ones. Can anyone help?
That's great - thanks very much for your help!
Something a bit like this...
I have been asked to make a cake in the shape of a pint of beer for an 18th birthday but I'm not sure how to get the shape. More importantly, I'm not sure how to make it stable. I presume I would stack mini cakes on top of each other but I'm fairly new to cake making and haven't yet completely mastered the art of dowels etc so need some advice. Would I need one dowel through the centre or several between the tiers seperated by a cake board? Also, how would I cover in...
Hi ikklejo,How did the rugby ball cake go? I've got to do one is a couple of weeks and am really nervous about it. I have been given the Wilton rugby ball tin by the customer but have no idea on quantity of cake batter because the instructions are American and refer to a cake mix but I will be making from scratch.How did you assemble yours? Did you bake two cakes and sandwich them together to get a 3D ball? If so, how tricky was that?Details of how you did it would be so...
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