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HIIII!! First I would find a side, top, back, any view pictures you can find if you don't have the real thing to reference. It looks like a really big cake, of course it could be the angle they took the picture!! Like the other poster put, use a sheet cake to get close to the size that it actually is and then you can layer and carve from there!! From some quick research it looks as thought a 2 10X12 sheet cakes is around 40-50 servings. However, you might want to double...
I just did think about that????? Now I am curious. Wonder what flavor too?
I shopped around forrrrever until I got one completely new on ebay for $169 dollars with the cartiladges and everything! Make sure you check ebay first to see if you can get a good deal on a new one!!!However, I do have to agree with an earlier poster... I really think it was hype for me because I really never use mine. Maybe there will come a time when it becomes useful but it just is to much of a hassle for me.
You could possibly use Rice Krispys as well... Depending on the size you are making you could mold them in a cupcake pan, ice them along with the cake, and then cover all of it completely with fondant to get a smooth look.
It depends... You can get a deeper color if you dye it before you add in the powder sugar. OR if you dye it after you have added the PS than it will be harder to get a deep color, you will have more of a pastel color. I usually add in before PS because it is easier to tweek it and get the color you need. The other option is to use precolored fondant and you can mix other precolored fondants together to get whatever you want. I've done this before as well, like while...
Yes, definitely buy your black and red fondant precolored!! It is soooo hard to get a true MMF black or red and if you get it close it ruins the consistency of your fondant . If you have a michael's close by, most of their stores sell precolored fondant and you can get it quick if your in a hurry. OR your other option would be to try your hand at airbrushing, but you won't get as nice of a finish with precolored fondant.
Maybe you have your needle to far into the airbrush? I have that same one and every so often I have to pull the needle back a bit till it sprays. Also when I first got it I had to completely take it apart.... the lever should give some resistance, then you know it should work.
Hey JRiley!! I've heard not to use straws because they don't support weight well. But you can get those wide and thick straws that should have no problem supporting weight, I'm guessing those are the wilton ones you are referring to. I use wooden dowels in my cakes.
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