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I'm making bacon chocolate chip cookies for a gift basket.  Can the cookies be stored at room temperature?   Thanks for the advice!
I usually make "American" buttercream but sometimes get the request for frosting that isn't sweet. I go to SMBC but hate that I have to put my fondant covered cakes in the refrigerator. They always come out sticky. Also hate all of the egg yolks I waste or try to figure out a use for after SMBC. I successfully made a batch with meringue powder! Here's what I did. Using 1:2:2 ration (because I think SMBC mainly taste like hunk o' butter)1 cup water2 cups sugar1/2 cup...
If you use fondant, maybe you could put names in little gold frames.
I know you said you're not using fondant but this tutorial is fantastic. Might give you some ideas for your forsting.
Thanks for all of the help, Rae!
Thank you. I usually have to add vodka to the other colors. Do I add any alcohol to this?
Is there a way to make white or gray paint?
I was looking into silkscreening and it was way over my head. These take 6 minutes to make and the sheets can be cut down to smaller sizes so I don't have to waste much. I would be surprised if these premade stencil sheets contain anything different from the silk screening material but I just avoid the issue.
Trying out make your own stencils that use a photo sensitive silk screening material. I got a mini starter kit here. dark room is my basement craft room. Instead of the squeegee that came with the kit I used a childs stiff paint brush. I talked to the maker of the stencil material. All of the material used in making the product are non toxic but... were my version last year. They are just frosted cupcakes covered in fondant. If this is what you are looking for, message me and I'll tell you what I did.
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