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Thank you sooooo much for all your replies!!!! They have given me a very good idea on how to tackle this decoration and am actually looking forward to doing it! .
I was asked to make the attached cake for a baptism. I'm trying to think of the best way to make these "rods" and attach them to the cake so they are all perfectly straight. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!! 
Ha, ha, ha! That's awesome!
Thank you both for your suggestions! I think I will stack cakes at home so the fondant is more pliable and will smooth out. And if I really have to wait until I'm at the location I will stack one tier at a time going forward. This was the largest cake I've done so far and I learned so much from it. Another good thing is that smaller cakes now will feel so much easier to make!
Thanks for your reply! I did have full support on the cake and it didn't lean or anything like that. I used Satin Ice fondant on the cakes the day before and refrigerated them so that caused the fondant to be set and stiffen up. I've seen on tv where cakes get stacked at the venue but they don't seem to have problem with the fondant cracking when they are stacked and I'm assuming they don't always cover the cakes in fondant a few hours prior to delivering them. The...
I made a 4 tiered cake for my niece's birthday party two weeks ago. I am a hobby baker so I don't normally make large cakes or transport them. The cake was 8", 10", 12" and 14". I decided to stack the 8" and 10" tiers at home and stack the 14", 12" and two top tiers of the cake at the venue. I don't have an SUV or a van to hold a cake that high and drive it for 2 hours. Unfortunately when I began to carefully stack the cakes the fondant began to crack at the base of the...
I find it useful to put the fondant filled mold in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes. Just long enough for it to stiffen up a bit and hold the shape of the letter or figure I want to get out .
Last year my son's Little League Coach was having a birthday party and the whole team was invited. I offered his wife to make cupcakes to celebrate the occasion for free since he was the most caring coach my son had even had. She was happy to accept the offer and I confirmed with her the number of cupcakes to make for everyone at the party. I made the cupcakes in the picture. The day of the party everyone was really impressed with the cupcakes and kept saying they...
Sorry I forgot to give you the link:
I use this recipe for ganache and you can incorporate flavor into it. I would use a few drops of raspberry candy oil so it doesn't affect the consistency of your ganache.  
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