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I having trouble working with my fondant.  Not homemade, store bought.  Duff.  Its HOT.  Even thought I have the air cranked up my fondant is soooo soft I'm having trouble working with it.  Won't hold its shape.  I've already added tylose powder.  I'm not sure if I should add more.  I have to have 2 cakes done for Saturday and this isn't going well.I'm assuming its the heat of my hands and I keep putting it down and walking away but I'm never going to get it...
Hi Everybody, I hope there is someone out there who can answer this for me.  I have a recipe that is my hubby's favorite cookie, well he calls them cookies, they are really more of a candy.  Chocolate covered peanut butter balls.  His sister in law gave me the recipe but don't know where it originated.  I've played with this recipe to make it diabetic friendly and got it working so well that some members of his family have told me that mine are better than the original. ...
Yes I do want the cake to come out but not fall out.  When I spray them the cake just falls out pretty messy when little hands try to pick them up.  I would like them to peel off easily like the paper ones.
Anyone have any advise about those silicone cupcake liners that are pleated like the paper ones.  I've tried them and the cake sticks to the silicone and a pain to try to eat.  So I tried spraying them and then the cake falls out.  Anybody have any success with these things.
Thanks for your reply.  I have the heating core bought it when I was having trouble with a 14" layer.  I don't care if it has a hole in the middle. I wan't sure if I should adjust the temp.  I'll let you know how I  make out.  Thanks again.
I'm hoping someone out there can help me out.  I have a great cake recipe that I want to use for Christmas but the recipe is for a 2 layer cake and I want to make it in my igloo cake pan.  Can anyone tell me how to alter the oven temp and/or the baking time.  The recipe is for a sponge cake in 2 - 9" layers baked at 325 for 20 - 22 min.  I'm not even sure this recipe will bill my pan. 
Thanks Kazita, I spent hours searching google and coming up with loads of recipes but none of the marshmallow icings appear to set up like the hostess cakes thats why I requested help from my friends at cake central.  I'm thinking about trying a homemade marshmallow recipe.  I want the coating to come out like the candy peeps.
I want to make mini snowball cakes for my christmas dessert table.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cover the cake balls with marshmallow like the hostess snowball cakes.  I've found plenty of marshmallow  frosting recipes but the frosting won't firm up like the marshmallow covering the hostess ones.  Also how early do you think I can make them.  I have looooots of cooking and baking to do for this dinner (serving 30).  Need to do as much as possible ahead of...
Thanks, I've used steam in the past and forgot all about it.. That worked, just enought sheen.
Can anyone tell me how to shine up my my gum paste finished pieces. I made a fork,knife and spoon for my cake set up and the fondant is very dull. I tinted the gum paste grey and plan to spray them with silver spray but I thought they would look better if they have a bit of a shine before I spray them.Any help.
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