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I'm making my own b-day cake, so no biggie if it fails. : )  I need about 9 oz of cake flour, and I only have 6. Would I be better off subbing all-purpose flour or cake flour for the last 3 oz of cake flour? TIA!
I 2nd BlakesCakes red velvet redux recipe. It's yummy, WASC-style that uses red velvet cake mix so you don't have to add any food coloring.
I'm making a buttercream covered cake for my hubby's b-day Sat. I want to wrap a ribbon around the base of it for the bottom border. I have the ribbon, and I read to iron wax paper onto the back to make it food safe, but how do I put it on the cake with some semblance of neatness? I imagine squishing the buttercream underneath so that there are bulges, having the ribbon not flat, etc. I'm sure practice and trial and error would be of great help, but I don't have much time...
Thanks. To be somewhat safe, I might pick whichever white mix is the closest to 18 oz, then.
I'm a hobby baker who usually bakes from scratch. I thought I'd try a couple of the WASC gourmet flavor recipes that sound so scrumptious. Looking at white cake mixes at the store, the big brands range in size 13-odd oz through 18-odd oz, depending on the brand and which white flavor. Does it matter which size boxed cake mix I use in the WASC recipes? Is there a certain size the recipes are based on? I think I've heard that some of the box mixes have been reduced in size,...
Aha! My initial search on the Duff website was unsuccessful, but with further digging I found my answer in the FAQ section. It says that Duff fondant has a shelf life of 21 months. I don't know how old mine was when I bought it, but I've had it for 12 months, so I'm going to go ahead and use it. Thanks, everyone!
Thanks. Yes, the first thing I did was search the tub for a date, but I don't see one. There's a sticker with some kind of code on the bottom of the tub, but I couldn't translate that to a date.
I have an unopened tub of Duff fondant that I bought exactly a year ago. Can I use it, or should I pitch it?Not that it makes a difference, but it's for a Father's Day cake for my hubby, so it's not leaving the house (but I of course still want it to be good).TIA!
Wow, what a fantastic cake! I don't know how she did it, but did you try PM'ing her? I've found that a lot of cc users are very willing to help and share. Have fun w/ the cake!
That's it! Thank you thank you thank you!
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