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I have been asked to make a cake topper for a wedding next week. I've worked with gumpaste and wanted to know if anyone has worked with polymer clay and found it easier? It doesn't necessarily have to be edible. I would of course out the figures on an edible surface before placing on top of the cake. Any input would be very helpful! Thanks! :)
Thanks but I am looking to do the wedge style topsy turvy cake. It's a different look than that one. 
I need to do a wedge style topsy turvy cake for next week and need to know what the best way to construct it is! I've seen ways with PVC pipes (which I don't really understand) and just doweling it. Any suggestions on the best way? It will be a 4 tier cake with the bottom tier a dummy btw. Thanks!
I am going to cover it with fondant btw if that makes a difference
I actually live in NYC. I never changed my profile! I made a mascarpone cream cheese filling, which is what I dammed it with. The customer did not want any buttercream. I added more white chocolate and put it on and stuck it in the fridge. I made the ganache last night and let it set for 24 hours. Maybe it's the type of chocolate used? I bought it at NY Cake and it was their brand. I'm sure it's the chocolate. I just checked and so far it looks ok but I'm just afraid it...
I tried covering a cake with white chocolate ganache but it does not seem to be setting. There are bulges showing. I haven't covered with fondant yet because I don't want the bulges to show through. Is there anything I can do now? I already have the cake filled and covered in ganache. Should I add more chocolate to mixture? I used a 3:1 ratio. And I just bought the white chocolate discs. Please any advice will be so helpful!!
Oooooh! Got it! I was confused! Thanks! This helps so much!
I was asked to make a wedding cake for 200 people. I checked the Wilton site and their chart is based on a 2 layer cake. I'm planning on each tier being 4 layers. Should I add more servings then?? A bit confused! Any help will be much appreciated! Thx!
Here is my pic! Thanks everyone for your suggestions...
Thanks guys! Have been working on the cake and didn't even see these great ideas! I did end up using styrofoam that I carved into a lid, covered in plastic wrap and iced with white chocolate ganache. Came out fine! I will post pics when I have a chance! Thanks again!
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