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Just wondering if anyone can put up a good link on how to get the quilted look on buttercream please. Or do you have any advice on how to do it and which tools to use. Thank you!
Thank you so much for posting the tutorial site!!! I have never seen anything like it! So much information!!! I wish I had come across it when I was doing a barbie cake...I had a lot of trouble with the ruffle garland and I just read on that site that I was holding it upside down!!!! duhhh!!! Anyway, you and and you learn right? lol
I tried doing the ruffles but it just didn't look right! I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I pointed the big side down but it looked no where near as good as the ruffles on the photo I gave up and just piped on it with a star tip. I really hope to make ruffles one day so any other advice would be much appreciated. Like how to hold the bag? eg: hold the bag on the side or hold it perpindicular to the cake?
You guys are awesome!!!! Thank you so much for your help. I'm gonna go try it again. I hope it works this time
I am doing a barbie dress cake for my neice and I want to do ruffles using buttercream and the petal tip (103)........does the big end point down or is it the other way around?Here is an example of the ruffles: help me the cake is for tomorrow!!!!!!Thank you.
thanks guys! It gives me a lot of confidence knowing that you have used hot glue gun and swear by it!! I hope it all goes well I will post picture when I'm finished.
thank you! I hope the cake will look the same as the cake that I see in my head!!! hehehe I really hope everything goes smoothly!
thanks guys for you help!!!!@mmdiez10 I'm not sure what you mean by using fishing wire. The beads that I'm using are already attached to a string....can you please explain how I would attach it to the board by using fishing wire? @CWR41 sorry for my ignorance but is the hot glue strong enough to hold hanging beads?
Hi guys,I'm making a 4 tier cake....3 of the tiers will be stacked one on top of the other and the 4th tier on pillars. I have seen a lot of cakes with beads hanging down off the cakeboard of top tier and I wanted to try it.What is the best thing to use to attach the beads to the board?I hope I made sense Thanks in advance!
oh ok.....I'm not exactly sure about how I am going to tackle this cake. I was thinking of assembling it there because it will be so much easier to transport but then I would have to put all the finishing touches on it once it is assembled, and that would mean extra time on the day!!!! I know I will be a wreck that whole week!!! I am hoping and praying that everything goes to plan and that there are no nasty suprises!!!I am going to have a trial of both methods and see...
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