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So does anyone know what happened?
Thanks for the suggestions. I had no problem with the 1/2 sheet cake I just baked. It didn't fall and looks really good. I have cut quite a bit of sugar and fat. I thought I had a winner cause the sheet cake didn't sink in the middle so I tried a 12 and 6 inch round again. As soon as I took them out of the oven, kerplunk!!!Hmmm, maybe its because the rounds are my European style with rounded edges along the top and are 3 inch deep pans. It may be rising along the sides too...
I am trying to make an Irish Cream cake from scratch. I am using a basic yellow scratch recipe and substituting most of the milk with Irish Cream Liquor. The problem I am having is that the cake falls in the middle. Here's what I have tried so far:replacing 1 1/2 c milk of the 2 cup requirement with irish cream. Sunk horribly. So I ...took the 1 cup butter and cut to 1/2 cup to help take away some of the fat since the irish cream is made with heavy cream. Still sinks. So I...
Hi, I have a client who wants chocolate bars with alcoholic tendencies?I don't want to just use ganache. I would like other textures. When would you add the booze when flavoring caramel? Has anyone ever tried flavoring nougat with alcohol? Help. I know I can do this trial and error but I'm hoping to figure it out before I go bankrupt and my family screams NO when they see me coming . I've tried using the 'search forum' feature but it's so broad I get thousands of results...
Cut outs from a white icing sheet? I only have access to hobby lobby or a michaels at the moment and was wondering if the Wilton sparkle dusts could be used on them. We are having a birthday party for the winter birthdays since we are all together for the holidays and I dont have any of my supplies. I was given a circuit cake for Christmas and white sheets. I am going to try it out but wanted to have color on the cake. Anyone ever try to color/paint on icing sheets?TIATracy
I have found what my talent is. I can make cakes, but I really want to specialize in flowers and figurines. I would market to home bakers and bakeries. If you love designing and making cakes but don't have the time or equipment for flowers, would you order from someone else?Pros/cons, thoughts?(just had carpal tunnel release surgery so can't type well. Wish I could say more but wanted CCers thoughts)
You can freeze an iced cake but when it comes to room temp you may get sweating. I'd freeze them uniced so you can pull the type you need and color and flavor your icing as needed. This is what we do at work. We also freeze iced cakes but they are regular case items and we finish them even while they're frozen. So if you only ice with white and the same flavor then it would be more economical with your time to freeze.
I think you are being too hard on yourself. Just looked at your photos and I would be proud of them. Your fondant figures are great. Wish I had as much talent!
You can "paint" the background with a paintbrush or a sponge then put the stencil over that and do the white when the background is dried. BTW, I have only stenciled on fondant. HTH
Satin Ice is fondant. It is more expensive, but very well worth it. The taste is better as well as the general use. Easier to work with when covering a cake, making fondant decorations, etc. Blows Wilton fondant away.
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