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I've been baking a long time and have never have this happen. I really need advice. I use the same recipe I've been using for years.The ingredients are fresh.The oven is on temperature.I have tried different recipes i.e. oil and butter cakes.I'm using XL eggs, 61-66gI've used different OVENS.All the cakes are mixed EXACTLY according to the recipe.I've put two pans in at once.I've put one pan in at a time.I just don't know any more.I really am ready to throw in the...
Thanks. Dad said I should get one with a tank for even pressure. I think I'll go for this one. can it convert to 220V?
Thanks everybody for the input. thanks Lisapeps, I got it right and made a "to die for" chocolate ganache which sold quickly. :d
Thanks BskinneI'll try that next time. I'm also looking into purchasing a airbrush kit. do you have any experience with airbrushes?
thanks AlanTAnybody care to comment on this system?
I'm in a bind now! I'm going to display at athe local fleamarket on Saturday to launch my business and my show off piece is a mess. I made a gumpast hat(graduation ) and painted it black with powder and Vodka. It makes cracks on the surface like Antiqueing. the more layers I put on the soggyer the hat gets. How do I fix this?
Thanks a million LisaPeps. all the best with that ticker, hang in there
Here is a pic of my first attempt. I like the effect looking like twigs. i did not wait for the choc to start setting. It sagged quite a bit. I put it over White choc ganache. Not too bad.
cheatize, I had the choc over a double boiler. Do you think the choc was to cold or too hot that it was lumpy? When I started scooping it there was a bit of a solid layer of choc covering the surface and no matter how much I stirred the lumps would not go away
Thanks CrescentMoon. We do not get chocoate melts in South Africa. Baking Choc is the only product that sets and can stand that I know of thats available here. Anyone from South Africa care to enlighten me otherwise?. Love what you did with the colours
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