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I use boxed mixes because people love them.  I used the WASC recipe in the beginning and got complaints about the cake being dry (even after using a syrup on the cakes) and too dense.  No more - boxed mixes bake perfectly every time, light and fluffy,  and I've NEVER had a single complaint. I even use them for my carved cakes - cars, trucks, handbags, etc.  I sell what people like and want to buy - it's financially smart.   
I buy my sugar, Crisco, vegetable oil, McCormick's vanilla and almond extract from Sam's club.  I buy my cake mixes from Walmart unless they are on sale somewhere for less than $1.25 which is the price at Walmart.  I make MMF, but buy black, red and brown fondant online at sweetwise or fondant source.  If you buy things online, be sure to figure in the shipping and handling charges because it can make things MUCH more expensive.
I COMPLETELY agree with Maurorless67 - I'd put that KitchenAid mixer right at the TOP of the list tho.  Number One essential tool without a doubt!  Everything on her list is wonderful and well worth the money spent.  I agree to about the subscription to MyCakeSchool. . .  I love her tutorials!!  I've had a membership for the last 2 years and have learned so much and she has new tutorials all of the time.  Craftsy also has great tutorials and you can buy her a gift card...
I made one several months ago and took pictures of the process and posted them on my facebook page. . .here's the link:   My hubby built me the wooden base after I sketched out the size that I needed.  I cut the wings out of foamcore and place those on the base, then set my cake on top of that and the whole thing was covered with fondant and decorated.  Let me know if you...
I wouldn't try to add cocoa to your ganache mixture for the truffle centers.  Either make it with the chocolate you have or wait til you can get out to purchase the darker chocolate to mix in with your milk chocolate.  Personally I like all dark chocolate in a ganache.
roll out the gumpaste and use an exacto knife to cut out the logo.
What did you make the Bob figure out of? And how did you make the checks on his shirt? Cute!
vgcea - I'm with sugaredsaffron on this one - ROFLMAO!!!!!! HILARIOUS! I think you're impressions were pretty spot on - thank you for the smile!
Ditto what Jason said.  And gosh, I WISH there was such a thing as Intellectual copyright - every thought I had would potentially be worth millions in a lawsuit!! woohooo!
I just looked up that recipe and I've never heard of such a thing.  That would get rediculously expensive unless you just needed a tiny bit.  Of course you would do what everyone else has suggested - paint the royal icing with a small amount of gold after it dries.  I've even seen people (Collette Peters, for one) tint her royal icing a gold color first (with food colors, not luster dust) , pipe it and then brush the metallic gold over the dried RI. 
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