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I LOVE IMBC and SMBC both, and so do my customers.  One of my friends told me once that for his birthday gift I could give him a bowl of my IMBC and a spoon and he would be happy.  LOL!   Gotta agree with that - whether it's flavored with Godiva Chocolate liquer,  white chocolate, or plain old vanilla, it's my favorite.
Awwww! I think your's is cuter than the original - much cuter angels and I love the clouds!
Caljava (The makers of FondX) just posted this video online to demonstrate how to make a white flower cake. Watch closely. . . .she sticks wires in cakes!!!  OMG! Do you think Caljava doesn't know the dangers of wires or simply has a wanton disregard for the safety of people everywhere?  Someone should tell them before it's too late!
Here's a really good picture tutorial on tall (double barrel) tiers:
LOL K8!  That's funny!  We ate pennies when we were toddlers. . .ugh. Nothing dirtier than money.
You're very welcome! Anytime!
It looks like the glass is on a little fondant covered board, probably with a dowel or two supporting it from beneath and a little royal icing to stick it to the fondant.  Also, just a guess, but I'm thinking that's probably buttercream frosting in the glass.
Americolor sky blue + Americolor Violet make navy blue.  Sounds odd, but works well. Their navy blue has never worked worth a darn for me.
This is correct - I have diverticulosis - have had it for several years.  Disco dust has never affected my condition.  
I have to agree with Oz and some of the other posters that think this subject has been beaten to death.  I think we've established that the glitter is not toxic, passes through the digestive system without being absorbed or breaking down, and exits the human body intact.  I  know that this is not a food item, however, I really don't see the problem here with a few sprinkles of glitter.   I put it on my cakes, and don't hesitate to eat it or serve it to family and...
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