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Your cake was gorgeous! And you have some left over cash for your honeymoon!  Great job and congratulations on your marriage!  Best of luck to you!
Great job!  I love your website - it is amazingly professional, very easy to use and understand and seems to cover all of the necessary information.  Your photos are really professional too.  Best of luck!
Texan Aunt - you GO sweetie!  What a great summer job - you are going to do something you love, be your own boss, get experience running a company with all of what that entails, etc.  That's amazing for someone your age - I will look for you to have your own TV show in a few years! :)  And to the people concerned about contracts,  not sure a contract is really a necessity with a 6" or 8" cake, or a dozen cupcakes for that matter.  Now if she starts filling larger orders,...
I have a Cricut Cake and it works really well with modeling chocolate.  Roll it out just like you would fondant, stick it in the fridge to firm up and cut.  It doesn't stretch like fondant does, so it cuts much cleaner. 
House Bill 440 PASSED!!! It was introduced today - 4-3-2013 - to the Senate!  Please send emails and call your State Senator to support this.  You can go to and find your senator by filling in your zip code in the senator look up box about halfway down on the left side of the page.  Time to get our senators on board with this and get it passed by them - then we are done!
I would have charge $60 - $70 for it here.  People won't pay $200 for 20 servings of cake - not even wedding cake - here in Missouri. 
Yes! There are actually 2 bills right now in the process - Not sure why there are two, but please write your reps! Ask them to support 617!
I would.
I think the charge would largely depend on the size of cake that she wants.  This cake is going to be a little labor intensive, so would be more expensive than something simpler.  Is this going to be your gift to her?  Or is she paying for the ingredients and your labor is going to be her gift?  All options to be considered. 
I'm with K8Memphis - I'm not sure you want a 2" difference in the sizes of your tiers - that might be too much of a difference.   I think you could do a pretty good job with tiers with a 1" size difference though. 9-8-7"  - and you might be able to get away without a whole lot of carving that way.   And definitely the fondant + tylose! Good luck - can't wait to see your interpretation!
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