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How about Cook's Cakery?
Wilton Rose is hot pink.
Hmmm. . .apparently Italian Cream Cake and Italian Wedding Cake are NOT the same thing! Oooops! Oh well, If you ever need a recipe for Italian WEDDING Cake, that's the BEST cake I have ever had. Hands down, from anywhere.
Wow! So, if I understand this correctly, you made a cake for your nephew's one year old baby. Your brother and sister in law (nephew's parents) picked it up and then promptly destroyed it 3 times on purpose because it wasn't decorated the way they wanted. The Baby's mama, who you've never met, was upset because you didn't deliver it and it got ruined by her future mother and father in law (maybe). Your mother in law said it tasted good but looked bad. Wow again! Who...
I love that show! BUT, seriously, I watched that episode with the girls at White Flower Cake Shoppe in Beachwood, Ohio making their black fondant wedding cake IN THE DARK, and thought either I've been doing it wrong all this time, or maybe they need my recipe so they can turn the lights back on. REALLY? Course they are the same ones (on another episode) that were making "sugar diamonds" molded out of isomalt and apparently had to do it several times, set off the smoke...
Myheartdesire, I got an order a few months ago for an Italian Wedding Cake flavored cake. I think this might be the same flavor you are talking about, just a different name here in this area. Anyway, since I had not made one and really had no idea what was in it, I googled it and after some research, ended up making the recipe that Sandra Lee has on It starts with a white cake mix and has pineapple and coconut and pecans in it. I got so many great...
Totally agree. Give me the little wire one any day! I was considering trying to sell my Wilton Ultimate cake leveller on ebay, but I'm not sure I'd even be able to sell it there!
weidertm24 you might try . .it's a website that offers tutorials on how to do everything from very basic beginners techniques to advanced techniques. She charges $30 for a years membership, but really has alot of great info for beginners and it's cheaper than buying some of the dvds out there. youtube is great, but I get irritated spending all my time searching and sifting through the bad videos to find the ones that are useful. of course, the THOUSANDS of videos on You Tube!
hope that helps!
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