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There are ruffle tips that you might consider using - they are so easy! I'm sure your cake will be beautiful and I have to say that I'm glad you're making something tasteful and not the "headless bride" look in dress cakes! LOL!!
Since the bride suggested scrolls and asked for their colors, I would give her the two things she suggested. Scrollwork, perhaps in white against white buttercream if you are worried about it being too busy, and ribbons at the base of the tiers in their colors.
I use the Whimsical Bake House's recipe for House Buttercream as the filling in all of my cakes - it's not nearly as sweet as the crusting ABC I use to frost the outside of my cakes. I make my cakes with 4 layers of cake and 3 of filling (piped on with a #12 wilton tip). I started out using the same buttercream for the filling inside as frosting outside and it was just tooooooo sweet.
I'm so glad I saw this - I was wondering the same thing! It would certainly take a lot of the stress of the next few weeks off of me if I could fill and crumb coat my cakes and then freeze til it's time to decorate. I am putting a thin layer of raspberry pastry filling or raspberry jam along with a thin layer of buttercream between my layers. Will that make a difference in being able to freeze them ? any thoughts on raspberry pastry filling vs. seedless raspberry jam?...
when I make RKTs for my cakes, I only use marshmallows and cereal, no butter. I have made them a couple of days in advance before - no problem. If they set up too hard, just nuke them for a couple of seconds and they will soften up again.
Thanks Apti -I can't wait to make another one this year! And definitely feel free to use it!
Thanks kakeladi!
I frosted mine VERY thinly with buttercream, smoothed it with viva towels after it set a bit, and then covered it in fondant. Here it is: - that's a great idea to shim it! I will definitely try that next time.
Thanks so much CWR!!!
The top half will slide off of the bottom half if you don't put a skewer through it. That worked for me.
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