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Because of the fact that the other layers are covered in fondant, I going to guess that the silver layer is covered in fondant also.  Then probably sprayed silver with an air gun and then the Wilton Silver sugar sprinkles (which are nice and coarse) pressed on very thickly.  If you press them into white buttercream, you will see the white through small gaps.  It won't look like the middle layer of this cake.
I don't smash mine at all, ddaigle and there's no cellulite look - they are perfectly smooth, as I'm sure you can see in my pictures. One less step to worry about.  It's simply covering them with the candy melts and smoothing that covers the bumps. Plus they are delicious. . . I have actually had requests for the rkts.  They're that good.  And cellulite look-free. Bonus! 
        Ugh! Don't smash the rice krispies - don't you want the kids/guests to be able to eat the rice krispie treats?  Not too great if they are smashed up and beat up.  It's really pretty simple people. . . make your rkts by the recipe but delete the butter (just cereal and melted marshmallows). I don't even measure mine anymore - I know when the consistency is right.  Let them set up some.  shape them into the shapes you want.  Melt candy melts (I use a...
Exactly what I was wondering... why does it need to be non edible?
NO!!!! Even friends might want you to pay their emergency room bills when they end up with food poisoning.  ;)
You need sturdier cake boards. 
it died and was not passed.  It would have given home bakers the legal ability to sell from their homes.  Right now Missouri leaves it up to individual counties and most counties prohibit home baking sales.
After you have your RKTs the shape that you want them, smooth melted candy melts over the shape in several thin coats, filling in the dents and crevices, and allowing it to cool and set in between each coat.  Once you have several coats on it and it is fairly smooth (you can't see the bumps from the rice krispies) smooth any ridges or bumps in the candy melt coating with your fingers just by rubbing them smooth.  The heat of your skin will soften it just enough to smooth...
I think the OP was asking about fillings for her cake that will be stable outdoors in the heat to replace a cream cheese filling.  Why not just use vanilla buttercream?  Or your white chocolate ganache would be yummy, I am sure!  My personal preference - the chocolate filling might be too different than what people are used to having in a RV cake and they may not like it.  I'm not a fan.  But that's just MHO.
It was voted DO PASS in the committee today - now it goes to the floor for a general vote by all of the Senators.  Time to write your Senators to get this passed!!!
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