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How do you make your strawberry cake? Is it a box mix? If so, how about using a white cake mix and adding raspberries and raspberry flavoring to get the flavor you want? If it's scratch sub raspberries for the strawberries. Whenever I use lemon curd I always put down a thin layer of vanilla buttercream also. I just like that flavor, not necessary. I also have added lemon flavor to my buttercream for filling - people love it - more like a lemon cream.
Same for me - I use DH and BC mixes and get nothing but raves for the moistness and I agree they are yummy. I haven't noticed any change in the cake either - just aggravated at the price and the shrunken mix size!
You are certainly welcome! As long as you stick to the 2" difference in pans, you will be proportionate, even if you start with a 20" diameter with an 18 and a 16, it will still be in proportion and look fine. In the end, you have to have enough cake for your guests, so while a smaller cake might be cuter, it's not practical for 100 guests. You will be fine - have fun with it. The only real rule for the tall cakes is to make sure they are secure - they should have a...
I mix half fondant with half gumpaste, or add tylose to my fondant. Either one of these solutions makes your fondant much more sturdy. I also have found that wilton fondant works well for figures (also with some tylose added in).
I wouldn't consider your response rude, Ambitiousbeginner. It certainly didn't appear as if you were insulting the response that CWR41 gave you - Since you were asking about the tier height more than anything else, I can understand wanting a little more input. IMHO, it looks like the pan sizes that they used are 2" difference in diameter and the middle tier is probably 2 cakes stacked up so that it is twice the height of the other tiers. I would guess the bottom and...
I normally combine the two support systems. I have had several 4 tiered wedding cakes that I have used an SPS or Wilton plate on the bottom tier to support the 2nd tier, and then use bubble tea straws on the other tiers that don't have so much weight resting on them. It's very stable and I've never had a bit of a problem.
Blakescakes is correct - use powdered colors or use your gel colors along with americolor flocoat - it prevents the gel colors from seizing up the chocolate. That way you aren't limited to the candy colors.
I agree with Panel - I wouldn't use it on something that was going to be eaten.
I've piped buttercream on top of fondant and it works fine. Just doesn't set up hard like royal.
I make tons of cake pops and they will be just fine if you go ahead and dip them and store them in the fridge. I've had people eat them a week later and they are still fresh and delicious.
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