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Have you ever considered using red sugar crystals on the cake? along the line of how bakers are now using the multi-colored candies to cover cakes. Could come out sparkling like a ruby slipper
I have seen so many cupcakes frosted , not using a 1M but smooth, almost like it just like it just flows out of the pastry bag and covers the cake perfectly almost round. Not sure how else to explain it sorry. Is it just using a pastry bag no tip? I am wanting to frost cupcakes and put simple decorations on top but my frosting seems to crust right away and not flow Thanks for any and all suggestions !
I've added the Almond flavoring, just a small amt to a white cake mix and it tastes really good.
I did one recently, I used the Wilton pan + a 6" cake and that seemed to be tall enough for the whole Barbie. No need to do any carving or shaping. The 6" was just the right size as the bottom of the Wilton pan. I did use the 6" /3" pan rather than the 6"/2" . There's. pic of my final results in my photos. I wrapped the legs in Saran Wrap and put some buttercream over that to fit well in the hole I made. Good luck! Altogether it took about 3 box mixes ( the mom found her...
I used these measurements and it worked great with Milk Chocolate Chips. ¡8 oz (1 cup) heavy or whipping cream ¡12 oz. (2 cups if using chips) chocolate.
looks like its one possibly from a cricut.
I have found that DH works better for me. If I fill the liners 1/2 full they rise nicely to the top of the liner so they can be frosted well. Also I found using an ice cream scoop, not quite full of batter each time allows for the same amount of batter in each. Hope that helps
Thanks for your replies. I do have candy melts also , I may just go with that !
I have a cake and cupcakes coming up and the customer doesn't like fondant on any of the cake/cupcakes. I thought instead I would use modeling chocolate because she loves chocolate. In using the silicone molds with fondant/gumpaste you use cornstarch. is it the same when using modeling chocolate or can you use that in the molds? thanks !
Tape I have found works well. Just place it on the back of the ribbon or lace and cut to size. Hope that helps !
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