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This has definitely happened to me! Just this June I made a 3 tiered Zebra graduation cake at the request of the graduate. 12" 10" and an 8" and 150 cucpakes! The night went off without a hitch and I was there to watch as it came to a close and the host and her hubby handed teens and grown-ups WHO ASKED a cupcake! Then proceeded to ask me where the boxes where that the cakes were delivered in as they were boxing it up and taking it HOME! I was floored! All I...
Awesome I love this site and it will help me purchase in bulk a lot more instead of hitting the cake supply store miles away every 2 weeks.
@ TPACakeGirl - sooo funny they are like crack!! And folks tell themselves it isn't so bad since they're small!!
I have just started offering cake balls. Gave away a few small boxes just to test the water and WHOO HOOO! They are moving faster than I can make them
@ Cake Mommy - I am getting ready to purchase Cake Boss and I found your comments very helpful! I felt like yes you tried it and you thought it was great just not for you.End of story! Do not stop giving your honest opinion because one person gave theirs and decided to be a little agressive with it! DID I MENTION I'M STILL GOING TO PURCHASE! SamiCakesNYC
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