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Honey my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I hope everything turns out for the best. Sending you lots of love and hugs.
This use to happen to my sister all the time where she worked at. No matter how many notes were left someone always took the food that was in the fridge. So one day my sister left some soup in a container. Sure enough it was gone. My sister then went back and wrote a letter that read something to the effect of Dear Mr or Ms I have to eat everything that doesn't belong to me:I really hope you enjoyed the soup because if you found it tasty I would love to tell you the...
LadyCake I would love to know also. I had to do a cake this weekend where I wanted to write the birthday girls name on it. I made two just in case out of RI it looked beautiful because I then painted it with Luster Dust however when I picked it up to put it on the cake it cracked in 3 places! Then I tried the second one and same thing that one was worse! I let them dry for 2 days on wax paper and a cardboard backing. Not sure what went wrong with mine. I have heared...
That has happened to me a couple of times. Both my Barbie cakes the little girl (repeat customer) refused to cut into it. As well as my Gator cake. I have taken it as a compliment. Great job by the way. The cakes are beautiful. me too!
They look beautiful. Congrats on this sale...and the many more to follow.
Wow thanks for sharing...this will come in very handy!
Yummy...I would love to know this also.
~~ BUMP ~~
Fairytale: Not sure how to post a comment for you picture on the gallery however I just wanted to say that this cake is AMAZING!!!
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