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State Farm quote me $600 yr. Seemed high to me, my homeowners isn't much more than that. Jason, why would home baking be a higher risk?
I am working on getting a home baking license in Ohio. I have read on here how we should carry liablity insurance and I agree. However, I am having a heck of a time finding anyone that offers it. I have checked with my homeowners insurance carrier and serveral local insurance agents including State Farm, who offers it but price seemed really high. I would like to at least have a couple of options to choose from. Any help is appreciated. TIA
If you have a lot of flowers to make out of buttercream, can you make them ahead of time and freeze them? TIA
That is my dream. I work full time and started doing cake decorating a couple of years ago for family and friends. I am working on getting a home baking license, I too am in Ohio. If all works out maybe in a few years I can quit my full time job and do cakes full time. Loucinda you are my idol
The wilton decorating icing isn't terrible and is good to learn with. After you finish your class look thru the recipes on here, there are some wonderful buttercream icings. Have fun in your class.
I made my daughters wedding cake. It was the first wedding cake I ever made. It served 125 people. I would just take into consideration how big a cake it is. You have to manage your time well. Just remember you'll have things going on up to the day, such as a rehearsal dinner and such. It did get a little stressful. I think the hardest part is getting the cake done, then getting yourself ready the day of, delivering the cake and then getting to the church. As a...
I took all the Wilton classes at Michaels. They are a great place to start. As others have said you can learn alot here and on you tube. Good Luck, and have fun caking.
Just read through the cake business forum as much as you can. You'll find the answer to alot of your questions in there. There is a lot of really helpful information.
Really? Has anyone done a funeral cake? LOL
Way to go! I am working on getting legal. Congratulations!
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