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I feel the same way. I am my own worst critic. I never feel like anything turns out as well as I think it should. I look at a lot of beautiful cakes on this site and think wow that is really a great cake, but I always find flaws in my own. Everyone always tells me my cakes look great but I am always looking at the flaws more than the overall cake.
You are doing Very well. Just keep practicing. I learn something from every cake that I make.
I have the super deluxe professional model from the link that langranny posted. DH bought it for me for Christmas last year. Works really good. Like anything else you just have to play around with it for awhile.
I also have some wilton that I bought when I was taking classes, but since then have been buying Magic Line. I really like them, they bake evenly and sheet and square cakes have really nice sharp corners ad edges.
Thanks Michelle, If I do I will look you up!
Thanks everyone for your help! I have talked to several different insurance agents and I am getting closer to a more affordable price. Again thanks so much for helping.
If you crumbcoat before the cake is thawed do you not have any issues with trapping the moisture inside the cake when it is completely thawed? Hope that doesn't sound dumb...but I haven't tried doing that, was afraid of some kind of disaster.
Gotcha , thanks for your help
Thanks everyone and Michelle I checked and there is an independent agent in my town for the Auto Owners Insurance, so I will check with them, I really appreciate your help!
Leah and flamingobaker, do you also have your homeowners with State Farm or do you just have a policy covering the baking?
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