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I am making a pregnant belly cake this weekend. Just wondering if anyone knows about how much fondant it takes to cover this cake. I am using the Wilton soccer ball pan and the mini wonder pans for the "boobies". Appreciate your help!!
Thanks for your replies. My cake tastings are also free for wedding cakes of 100 servings or more. Maybe I will offer a sample box of my choice of flavors for a small fee. That seems like a could idea.
I am just wondering how others handle this. I have a home baking license. Everything I do is made to order. Recently I have had requests from people for samples. They are looking to buy 3-4 dozen cupcakes or a 10 inch round cake, something of that nature. I do cake consultations for wedding cakes. I just don't feel it is cost effective for small orders. How is the best way to respond to this without offending potential customers. TIA
The picture of the finished cake is in my photos, it the one with the orange and yellow lilies. Thanks everyone for listening, I appreciate your helpful comments.
Sorry, I tried attaching a picture, but it didn't work.
I had my first cake disaster yesterday. I am so disheartend to the point I am thinking about giving up cake decorating. I made my nieces wedding cake for her wedding gift. It turned out really great and I was so pleased with it. It was hot, near 90 yesterday. I started the car and turned on the a/c to cool it down. Waited about 20 min, put the cake in the car and off I went. It was about a 10 mile drive on some not so great roads. Up a long hill, winding around...
Leah, how did you use the pins? Just stick them into the cake? or the cake board? Thanks for your help.Vicki
Thanks, yes, I am using buttercream, I forgot to mention that. I was really concerned about the weight of the ribbon, also.
I am doing a wedding cake in May. The bride has supplied rhinestone ribbon, its about 1 wide and is solid rhinestones and its little heavy. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or ideas for the best way to attach this to the bottom of each layer of the cake. It is a square cake, five tiers. TIA
I only use about 1/2 teaspoon in mine. You'll just have to experiment alittle and see what you prefer. I think a little goes a long way IMO
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