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Anyone else have any ideas about this?
Thank you. Yes I had seen those but they really didn't answer by specific questions. Appreciate your help!
I have searched this topic and found a little relating to it but nothing that specifically answered my questions. I hope you all can help!  I bought some wafer paper fall leaves to use on wedding cupcakes and a small cake to cut. I am not really sure how to work with this stuff. I guess I was so caught up in the real look of it that I didn't research it a lot to find out what else i need to do to it before I use it. I have read about putting a thin coat of piping gel on it...
Thank you!
I am considering an edible image printer right now. Since this thread has been around awhile, I am wondering which is the best canon printer at this time to buy. I am sure they have come out with newer models since the original post. Do the new models also have the removable print head? Appreciate any advice.  
Thanks! I really appreciate your advice.
I am making a fondant covered cake with fondant trim and lettering, all in different bright colors, ie. yellow, pink, blue, green. My question is if I do this today for delivery tomorrow will the darker colors bleed onto the lighter colors.  I am doing lettering in yellow on top of the bright pink. Appreciate any advice.
Thanks!  Yes, I did find some really good videos on you tube. I will try the touch of crisco when rolling the balls. It just seems no matter how hard I try to get them smooth I still end up with a line of some sort I can't seem to smooth away.
I was wondering if anyone can give me some tips, ideas etc.  I am trying to make a lion, giraffe and elepant for a childrens birthday cake similar to the ones on the  2010 Wilton yearbook. Is fondant, gumpaste or a mixture of each better to work with? Also, what I have played around with so far, it seems hard to get the balls of fondant to stay smooth without any cracks or marks when you are rolling them for the bodies or heads. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks! Do you think that would be around 2 lbs of fondant?
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