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Hi folks, I'm new to cake decorating, and am hoping for some inspiration. I've made what I hope will be a yummy caramel mud cake for my husbands birthday, it's just a plain round shape. But how should I decorate it? The only tricks I know so far are how to wrap in chocolate, and how to cover in fondant, neither of which are appealing.I was hoping to go with the caramel theme, are there any tried and true caramel buttercream recipes? And even if that pans out, how would...
Personally I don't like dark chocolate at all, so I always use milk chocolate, and it's yummy!
it would be nice to incorporate a bit of the priests personality. For example, if he likes gardening, a simple cake with a fondant figurine of a priest sitting on a park bench surrounded by flowers. Or something else to represent the things he might now do with his time.
That would also work quite well, good thinking!!P.S. I just added 'bundt' to my list of cake terms I've never heard of. There are a surprising number of 'americanisms' in cake terminology, I'm loving learning them all! (I'm assuming it has american origins, google only had one definition and it didn't say where it came from).
try putting an empty oven tray on the rack underneath them, it should help protect your cupcakes.
I think you could be right. I've been going over in my mind how it would be done, and it makes sense. Thank you for the suggestion
HiyaI have recently posted two photos of chocolate wrapped cakes. I had no idea where to put them, so they went under 'birthday'. Having searched for the words 'chocolate wrap', I've found heaps of them! Maybe there are enough to move them all into a 'chocolate decorated' section? Even if it's grouped with all the colours, that would still be helpful.Thanks for your consideration!
I just scanned it in, as I realised it's a bit difficult to help without seeing what I mean! I've put it in a private album so it won't come up in google searches, as I feel a little uncomfortable publishing someone else's photo! I'm able to, I'll go back and edit my original post too, to put the link in there as well
Hi folksI am looking through an old magazine at the winners of a kids cake decorating competition. One of the consolation prizes features 'the hungry caterpillar'. His body is made up of three different shades of green, done in buttercream. So there is a light section, dark section, darker section, then repeat all three colours until the end of his body.... does that make sense? Anyway, there is nothing in-between each section of colour. Each green just butts up to...
No helpful ideas sorry, but just to let you know, I think it might be normal...? I was talking to the lady who owns the cake shop I buy from about purple colours. She said she avoided purple if at all possible, because it always fades very quickly.This discussion came after I was looking at some purple fondant the week before, and couldn't find it the next week. Turns out it WAS in the basket I was rifling through, it had just faded so much that it was unrecognisable. ...
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