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Hi folksIf I were to do a two tier cake, I'd use cardboard boards, with bubble tea straws for support.What if I was doing a 4-5 tier cake, would that same support structure be sufficient? Or would I be safer to switch to wooden boards and wooden dowels?P.S. SPS is not an option.
Cheerio's are also an interesting idea, I think some supermarkets have started to carry those of late, so worth a look.JackydeKlerk - what colour are your flakes? We have them here too, but they are dark brown.
I know, I've been a bit forum shy lately! Just been through your photos (which was a nice way to start my day!), but can't find the sandcastle one.... I know it must be there, going blind, clearly!
Hi folksI'm putting some thought into a cake which will have sand on it. What sort of things can I make sand out of? I think I read somewhere that you can mix raw sugar with brown sugar...? I'm not that keen on that though, I can't imagine it would be very pleasant to bite into a piece of cake with that on it. Also I'd worry it would start to dissolve if it's sitting there too long.What about cake crumbs? Or cookie crumbs? Is there anything else known to be successful?
Didn't they have a buy one get one free deal going? My friend recently got some and that's the deal she got.
condensation will happen to EVERY cake that comes out of the fridge, it is unavoidable. However you can make things simpler on yourself. The condensation is happening because the cold cake is meeting the warm air. Make sure your cake is covered with plastic wrap (air-tight) and leave it in that plastic wrap until it has come back to reoom temperature. The condensation will still form, there is no way around that. But it will form on the plastic instead of the cake. ...
I'm happy to send to anyone, but you'll need to PM me your e-mail address, I can't send the file via PM as it's too large.
If you PM me your e-mail address I can send it to you. I saved it as a PDF when I first read it.
what's pastry fat?
neither will crust. crusting happens when the ratio to fat and sugar is in favour of the sugar. In this case there isn't a hope in hell of achieving that!! There is a lot of fat, not so much sugar. I've never used it under fondant, but have been told it's fine.
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