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This is the one that I immediately thought of:
have you tried using cake flour? That should give it a significantly lighter texture.Also careful not to over-beat the mixture, as this will produce gluten in your flour. Gluten = heavier.Sky High Cakes by Alisa Huntsman is a good book for light and fluffy cakes.
I use Warren Brown's recipe, it does 24 cupcakes. Hmmm.... I think from memory he claims it will make 4-5 cups of icing, so I would guess that your recipe would produce the same amount.
It sounds like you already have some great ideas. What makes you think you couldn't do the chevron stripes? As long as you had a bit of tylose in there, and let each piece sit for a while to harden before you attempt to put it on the cake, you should be fine. Love your colour ideas too.
are you wanting them to make toppers? Hmm... if I was doing it, I would have them all sit down and make two toppers (that's probably all the time you'd have). Maybe a quick rose, like this one: for the other, perhaps provide them with some cutters.Then have the icing already in the bags ready to pipe. Do a very quick demo on a basic swirl, rose, or whatever else you think they'd like to do, then let them have at it! ...
OK, here's my "I don't have an airbrush" idea for doing it.I would roll out my gumpaste super thin, and let it sit for a little while to firm up a bit. Then I'd get some acetate plastic that I'd already cut into the shape of the mountain silhouette, and smear some shortening on one side.Lay the greased acetate on top of the gumpaste, the shortening will make it stick. Cut out the gumpaste with a scalpel to the shape of the acetate. DON'T remove the acetate, pick up the...
Does your buttercream/ganache look good before you put your fondant on? Because you must have a good base for your fondant to look good. I find chilling my cakes to make the buttercream/ganache set firm helps. And to get your sharp edges, try this method originally created by Jeff Arnett, which is gaining popularity lately by varying names: other people's take on...
I think Tala tips are probably a much better quality tip than Wilton. I have both, and the Tala tips could take the Wilton tips in a bar fight any day of the week in terms of build quality. Wilton ones might as well be made of paper when compared to Tala.The only thing I'm finding frustrating is that as you say they have to be used with a metal coupler, which is fiddlier to use than the plastic ones you'd use with the likes of Wilton tips.
You have two choices here if you want her to stop.1) Report her, and watch her and her family suffer the consequences.2) Help her. If you feel uncomfortable, then send her a letter telling her what you've said here.As a few posters have said, she might just need educating. If you truly feel it's your business to intercede, then I hope you take the high road and help her instead of hurting her.
oh no.... how frustrating! Time for a new computer?Thank you for going to the effort of re-writing it, looking forward to it. And Gordon has lots of other suggestions for syrups in there, I guess the theory could be applied to any of those flavours.
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