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Auzzi, I sometimes use it to make buttercream, and have used it in the heat of summer. Mine is 'hardened coconut oil', not sure how they harden it. But as I said, it's texture without all the sugar etc in it is like peanut butter, so once the sugar is added in I guess it provides stabililty.Not sure what the O.P. used though, maybe not hardened?
Someone has compiled an extensive list here:, Maisie Parrish has some DVD's out on the topic. I am part way through watching them, but I'm not very far in yet so can't give an opinion just yet:
play dough tools, textured wallpaper. I bought a footstool for my son with the cutest rubber non-slip mat on it, it had dragonflys, frogs, flowers, so cute! And an excellent embossing mat
I bought Makins over the red/black one because:a) cheaperb) can fit more in the barrelc) the red/black one has lots of little parts that can break, and if they do you need to buy a whole new one.The only drawback is that the red/black one can be used with one hand, the green Makins one can't. But I have never found that to be a problem. You turn the handle a few times and it keeps on coming out even after you've finished turning.
On the cake, I put some rose alcohol in a spritz bottle and spritz that. The rose alcohol is almost pure, so it dries immediately and does a good job of 'cleaning'. If it's on flowers, I just pass each one through some steam, it's gone in a wink.
I would be happy to refrigerate a fondant covered cake (as long as precautions are taken to avoid condensation on the cake), but not for a bow. The moisture will get to it and make it sag and collapse.
If you're currently in winter, then that might be why. Here in NZ it's summer, and I just used some coconut oil this morning and it was kinda peanut butter consistency. In winter it's rock hard.Perhaps add some whipped coconut cream?
perhaps suggeste a dulce de leche cake, with dulce de leche filling?
If a recipe calls for a teaspoon of vanilla, I use a tablespoon. I like the vanilla to be strong.Also I sometimes find leaving vanilla cakes to sit for a while helps their flavour develop, maybe you were tasting too early?
I'm so glad to see a few people suggest the powdered colours, I've given that advice so many times and never had a single person tell me they've tried it after my advice, so was beginning to think it was just me that thinks it's better!
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