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Unless there is someone here also from New Zealand who happens to live in the same area as me, then it's unlikely anyone will know the brand.. But thanks anyway, I'll be interested to see how it goes with other brands.
Well I just had a go, wow it gets to temperature fast!The chocolate seems so thick though, does anyone else have this problem? I am dipping orangettes, and it's leaving a very thick coating.
Thank you SCP, I read a few different tutorials which said "add the tempered chocolate" which got me confused. I'd much rather use the same chocolate.
Hi folksWhen using the seeding method of tempering, is the chocolate that I add in when it hits the magic temperature supposed to be already tempered? Or is it just more of the un-tempered chocolate?If it's already tempered, does that mean I should just buy a block of regular eating chocolate to use as my 'seeds' in my un-tempered chocolate?
Can anyone suggest which cake ingredients make the house smell amazing? We are about to sell our house and I thought I'd bake something right before the open homes to make it smell good.I was thinking cinnamon and brown sugar smells pretty good...?
Hi ladiesI have a bakepop pan that my friend brought back from America, but I would really like another one. She doesn't know where she got it (as a friend of a friend sourced it for her). I had a link saved months ago for '', but that page seems to be gone now. Does anyone know of a reputable source for them? Obviously it has to be mail order as I'm not in the U.S.A.Also for those that have them, how many pans do you have? I'm wondering if two will be...
thank you ladies, I'll give it a try
I really struggle with lumpy batter for mudcake recipes. When adding the flour to the liquid, it just clumps into lumps. Is there a trick to keeping it smooth?
O.P., if you find out the answer maybe you could come back and tell us? I'd be interested to know too. Just being nosy, I don't even live in the same country as you, let alone the same state.It depends on the borough you live in here, but in some areas if a customer provides you with the baked cake, you are allowed to decorate it for them, perfectly legally. Interesting, right? A bit strange as the icing is still food, but who are we to complain! This knowledge came...
you're a darling! I actually thought of you as I was doing it, as I know you've experimented a lot with it, I remember a post you made saying you didn't want those nasty chocolate melts, or something along those lines... lolBTW, compound chocolate = pretty much those nasty chocolate melts. Not real chocolate. AKA wafer chocolate, candy melts etc etc.Thank you, I can't wait to try it again now
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