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Thanks Jan, I'm jealous you're at ICES! Must keep an eye on forums to hear what people say about it, always an exciting time of year.Yep, I'm not worried about travelling with it in terms of trouble with the airline, just in terms of how the IMBC under thin fondant will fare with all the jiggling about in the plane. I was kinda hoping a few people would come on here with some success stories to ease my mind!
Neither melting nor bacteria are a concern for me at all, I'm wondering what kind of ganache you girls think I'm going to cover it with? I'm not talking soft ganache like you might get inside a chocolate, I'm talking the kind you use to cover cakes with, it sets very firm, almost as hard as the original chocolate. And it's fine at room temperature for a long time. Same with IMBC for that matter, it's fine at room temperature too. Otherwise nobody would eat it as it...
??? IMBC is soft, whereas ganache sets hard, I don't understand what you mean?
Hi folksI have not had much experience with IMBC under fondant, and will soon be going on a plane with a cake. I'd like to use IMBC under the fondant, but am worried that as it will be at room temperature for so long, the IMBC will soften so much that it will go all lumpy bumpy and loose it's smoothness. I usually use an extremely thin layer of fondant, so there may not be much support there.Any advice? Should I just use ganache instead?
Thanks again Adam, it's taken me a while to read all this, but again I appreciate you took the time to share your knowledge
The big cake probably isn't done this way, but these little ones are done by pressing the chocolate cake into the sponge cake surface:
That was such an interesting read Adam, thanks for taking the time to write it out. I am a current lover of IMBC, but have always been curious about French. My concern was that I've read you have more chance of salmonella from the yolks than the whites, in fact it's an argument I've used to convince people to try IMBC. So maybe I'll be a bit braver and try french as it sounds delicious.One question though, you've said "the protein in egg whites that can harbor bacteria...
In your experience, do you find little kids prefer IMBC or basic buttercream?
Karateka, I am having one of those 'head in hands' moments where I am thinking what a dummy I am! YES, I did use a small knife and held the blade parallel to the table. As I was reading your answer the penny dropped all over the place! Thank you so much, it seems so obvious now!
vgcea - it's commonly thought that mudcakes are better after being frozen, so it should only get better I'm surprised you described it as crumbly though, did you torte it too soon? The chocolate needs time to re-harden, then it's usually nice and firm. Mudcake is a dream to carve, very little problem with crumbles at all.
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