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I remember that cake from bridal snob, so pretty.  There is a tutorial for similarish flowers about half way down on this page, video.  Might help with ideas for the sequins.
Click the word 'galleries' at the top (underneath the CakeCentral logo), then near the top right there is a button to upload photos.   She sells tutorials on how to do it.  Scroll down a bit, she has some pretty detailed stuff.   Sorry, I'd tell you how if I knew, but I don't know anybody who has purchased the tutorials.
Does anybody have any ideas on how to create white stitching on pink fondant, I'm making a shoe like this: have a stitching tool (which doesn't really look much like stitching really), but I wondered if I could use it to make the indentations, then go over it with royal icing to fill the cavities then clean off the stuff I don't want somehow....?? I've never done anything like that before, but people do it to get a...
Cinori, if you're boiling a can of condensed milk, please be careful. I use Nestle brand, and I phoned them once to ask if their canned caramel is the same as dulce de leche in other countries. (there is a can we can get here just called 'caramel'). We discussed the boiling method, and they said they do NOT recommend making it by submerging a can like it says in my 25 year old cookbook. They said that nowadays cans are not as robust as they used to be (with tear-tabs,...
Raspberry jam is nice as a filling.
Does anyone know of any cutters/molds to make tiny tiny butterflies? I have the patchwork cutters, which are about 1cm, wondering if there are any smaller then that?
From what I can gather (and I'm generalising here), layering cakes seems to be popular in your part of the world, but is still fairly newish to some other parts. The first time I ever made one was after coming onto this forum and hearing people talk about it. Every time I give someone a layered cake they are surprised it has filling and think I'm very clever, lol! So what I'm trying to say is that most mudcake recipes will not take layering into account, so whichever...
That's interesting Pam! Do you substitute some of the cream, or just mix it in at the end?
I'm going to slide it under the chair in front of me, it's only one tier, so should be OK. Sadly I can't keep it on my lap, safety regulations don't allow it, and neither would my three year old!
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