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Thanks for your help guys!  Wish we could see one up close, but don't know anyone with one.
My friend is trying to make a sheeter, but he's never seen one in real life, only on the net.  Can anyone who has one tell me, if you turn the handle do both rollers turn with no fondant between them? Or does the top one only turn when there is fondant there?
Hiya   My friend is travelling to the U.S.A. in August, and she's keen to do a class in Vegas or LA but is having trouble finding them.  Any suggestions on where she could go?   Thanks!
Thank you, this is a good plan!   xx
Hiya   I'd like to make a 3D teddy bear cake with his arms extended (somewhat like a zombie!).  How would I do that?  So far I'm thinking RKT on wooden dowels, but how do I securely attach them to the main cake?
K8, thanks so much for the advice and the Christmas cake giggle :-P
Hi folks   How can I adhere flowers to the side of a cake iced with IMBC?  I'm hoping for some edible options, would rather avoid toothpicks/wire if possible.
Yep, works like normal ganache and tastes amazing. The texture is a little different, but it behaves the same way when you're using it. I just use mr regular ganache recipe though. For white, three parts chocolate, one part cream or sour cream. I also do mine the Michelle Rea way in the microwave (see YouTube), its so nice and easy.
I remember that cake from bridal snob, so pretty.  There is a tutorial for similarish flowers about half way down on this page, video.  Might help with ideas for the sequins.
Click the word 'galleries' at the top (underneath the CakeCentral logo), then near the top right there is a button to upload photos.
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