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I have an sort of off subject question. Why is the TV show Cake boss still being called Cakeboss? I thought a judge ordered them to change the name.. just wondering
Great! Thanks I'll try that
Hello all! How can I get my buttercream frosting the color of cream/buff color. I have a request to do a navy blue and buff colored cake. I thought maybe using a dark colored vanilla but even that might not be dark enough.
Does anyone have a great marble cake recipe?
Hello CC family,I am making a strawberry shortcake. It will be a half sheet for my job. I know that normally a light cake is used for fresh fruit cakes. I'm making the whip cream frosting with fresh cut up strawberries in the middle. I don't know what the best cake is to use nor do I have a recipe. I tried to find a recipe here that had good reviews, but there wern't too many. My yellow cake recipe is heavy so I really don't want to use that. Thanks for your help!-Maria
There are a number of factors involved with the price. For starters, where you live.. start by checking local bakers (not the the grocery store) in your area. I called several and pretended to be a customer and asked how much they charged. Some have the info on their website.Most people follow the wilton method which is the amount of serving stated on the pan. At least $3.00 per slice regardless where you live. In Virginia, I've seen where people charge as much as $5.00 a...
That is awesome! I hope it goes well.
Wow.. that is pretty darn cool. I've never seen it before. It's a great idea. I can never seem to cut my cake evenly so I if this were something I had to do all the time, I would invest in it.
I've never seen Indydeb's chart. I tried to do a search but couldn't find it. Can you tell me where it's located at on the site?
Wow! That is awesome.. I pray that I too will walk away from my 9-5 to persue my dreams. Congratulations!!
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